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Free Shipping on All Order Over $250
Baka "Across The Board" Sampler

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Strength: Med-Full, Medium
Vitola: 4.5x60, 4x46, 4x52, 5.75x46, 5x50, 5x56, 6x54, 6x60
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Various
Filler: Various
Country: Nicaragua
Package: Sampler
RoMaCraft Tobac is known for their ability to consistently put out great smokes...this Baka lineup is no different. This sampler includes Eight (8) Cigars from the line: Gran Perfecto 6x60 (1), Jengi 5.75x46 (1), Pygmy 4x46 (1), Bantu 4x52 (1), OTA Benga 4.5x60 (1), Poki 5x50 (1), Acephalous 5x56 (1) and the Hunter Gatherer 6x54 (1). These blends use a Cameroon wrapper with undisclosed binder and filler, rolled at the Nico Sueno Factory in Esteli. This is a medium to medium full blend that will begin with rich flavors led by spice initially and moving to smoother nutty flavors as the smoke progresses into the halfway mark.