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Free Shipping on All Order Over $250
Tobaccology by Oscar

$197 82


Strength: Medium
Vitola: 6x52
Wrapper: Corojo
Country: Honduras
Package: Box, Five Pack
A House cigar tells the story of a local cigar shop. It can mean one of a few things; the owner is shilling a cigar purchased affordably for a higher profit margin, the owner has a wonderful palate and can blend their own great cigar or the owner has developed a solid relationship with someone that can blend them a fine cigar. The latter is where we land with this House cigar. Bayron Duarte & Oscar Valladares have become friends of Tobaccology over the years and helped us with this blend! It is a Corojo wrapped cigar with Nicaraguan and Honduran guts. It smokes very well and we are always excited for smokers to give it a try!! Please let us know what you think once you've smoked them?!